CBD Fizzy Dust- Shea Skin Healer


The Shea Skin Healer was made for itchy, dry, or irritated skin, helping soothe eczema symptoms and replenishing your skin’s moisture.


  • Base Oil: Shea Butter
  • Salt: Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Essential Oils: Helichrysum & Bergamot

How To Use: Use two scoops of bath fizz sprinkled in a tub of warm water once a day as needed to soothe your body’s stresses. For the freshest experience, use your bath fizz within six months of purchasing.

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Shea Skin Healer refreshes your skin with cooling helichrysum and bergamot. The Helichrysum flower, a natural anti-inflammatory herb, was once offered as a gift to Greek gods. Treat your skin to the gift of soothing shea butter and Himalayan pink salt to wind down and replenish moisture. Coupled with CBD oil, Shea Skin Healer helps calm skin and relaxes the muscle and joint aches.